Buying a home is
a piece of cake when you do it right. We like cake.

Buying a Home

Buying a home is easy when you have a team of seasoned professionals on your side. And that involves finding the right agent first. No sense in rolling the dice on this one. Find someone who is good at listening to what YOU want in a home. Someone who gets it. And gets you.

That’s where we come in.

Our knowledge of the local landscape and market combined with our intuitive nature and our too-many-to-count years in Austin, means the path to your dream home will be a short, downhill walk. Our research time is your relax time.

Due to the sheer number of homes we’ve seen, we have a keen eye for things mere mortals wouldn’t notice, like simple upgrades, maintenance issues, future resale potential and changes or additions that boost the quality of a home. Why settle for good when you can have perfect?

We actually enjoy thinking about the stuff that makes your head hurt. Like real estate values, taxes, utility and maintenance costs, municipal services and facilities, and proposed zoning changes that could affect where you decide to buy.

It’s our job to be objective. With no emotional attachment to the homes we sell, we can offer genuine honesty about any assets or detriments you should be aware of when considering a home.

Because we hold your hand throughout the process, explaining the whats and whys along the way, you never have to feel intimidated or overwhelmed when buying a home. If you don’t know what to bring when you apply for a loan, don’t worry. We’ll tell you.

We’ve spent years gathering and vetting our roster of professionals. From lenders to inspectors, sub-contractors to general contractors, you’re in the best hands this town has to offer. We promise.